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About Us

The team at Bago d’Uva 360º Portugal Tours has travelled all over Portugal and knows the country very well, from Porto, Douro and Minho, to Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve. The founders are both Portuguese and love Portugal and believe Responsible Travel is the way forward, so they decided to found the company to show in a responsible way the best of the Portuguese culture in the form of its wine, food, architecture and local people.


About Us

The Bago D'Uva 360º Portugal Tours Team is ready to serve its customers from our base in Porto and take them all over the territory, from the North of Portugal to the far South of Portugal.

Bago d’Uva 360º develops touristic itineraries in Portugal in which it introduces, in a responsible manner, the country’s most genuine features. The itineraries are focused in showing the gastronomic and wine culture, sources of National pride. The characteristic nature, the Portuguese culture and the landscapes with striking beauty are also an essential part of the routes, in which we intend to introduce you to the essence of the Portuguese people.

Our tours are carried out in vehicles with 5 to 9 seats and the groups kept small, so we can assure the quality, comfort and the level of familiarity that enables your total involvement and is the guarantee of an authentic experience. We have at your disposal fixed itineraries with different destinations, where we intend to explore the various regions of our country. We wish that you enjoy to the fullest and take with you unforgettable memories.

The Bago D'Uva 360º Portugal Tours team loves Portugal and want to show the country in very well put together tours, either small group tours or tailor made tours. The important part is having a sustainable experience that benefits both the tourist and the local population.


All of us at Bago d'Uva 360º are passionate about travel and travel regularly. The experience we gained made us reach a conclusion: what we look for and how we want to find it varies, but the unforgettable moments are invariably linked to the contact with the local people. Thus, we give you the opportunity to choose how you wish to travel: with a small and varied group of people (Tour), only with your own group (Private Tour) or to have a personalised experience (Tailor Made Tour), but we do not abdicate of giving you an authentic experience! We will take you to the places where we would like to be taken and where you will find the local population, those who make the destinations what they are and give them their soul.

An interesting experience is to taste Port wine in a cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia; an authentic experience is to go to the Douro Valley and taste the nectar in the cellar, while someone who was involved in the process tells us how it all happens. Drinking Vinho Verde in any terrace by the sea in Porto is delicious, but experiencing the greenness of the Minho region and enjoying the wine in the middle of the vineyard while the owner explains the magic behind its creation is unforgettable!

Finally, our experience indicates that by treating the local people well we will have access to more authentic experiences and at the same time we will benefit the destinations. We believe that this relationship with mutual benefits is the only sustainable way of developing the tourism industry and we defend it diligently.

The Bago D'Uva Portugal Tours guides have been all over the country, from the Douro to Lisbon and Alentejo. They know where the fantastic culture of food and wine is and how to treat the local population and tourists right.


 It was the year 2012 when two Northerners concluded that Portugal, a country for which they are passionate, was not showing its best face to the world. Maria do Céu, original from Tras-os-Montes and who has been connected to the Port Wine industry for several years, could notice that the experiences offered to tourists were highly commercial, without concerns for the authenticity. Vitor, born in Viana do Castelo and a traveller by nature, was continually taken aback by the opinions about Portugal of the people he met in his travels around the world.

It was then that they decided to create Bago d'Uva 360º and through it show the authentic Portugal to the world: the one that exists in the hidden corners, in the amazing nectars, in the typical dishes, in the local businesses and in the people who develop them.

In 2016, António (Tourism professional) and Yara (Oenology professional) join the team and together conclude which are the main flaws in the presentation of their beloved country: the Wine and Gastronomic heritage was continually relegated to the background and their region, the North, was never given due attention although it was full of secrets waiting to be revealed. As people used to make hundreds of kilometres to eat the best dishes and drink the best nectars, they could not accept that this treasure passed on from generation to generation was not being given the deserved respect. Moreover, knowing the wonders that the North possesses, they became supporters of two ideas that seemed to go against the current of thought at the time: "There is much to see and discover above Lisbon" and "The North is not only Porto".


Want to put some faces to those names?

Bago D'Uva 360º Portugal Tours guides stay with you at all times during the tour, helping with all that you may need along the way and pointing to the most amazing fact of Portugal's culture, be it the wine, food, architecture or local people.


Convert each of our customers in an ambassador of northern Portugal, contributing to the affirmation of the Northern Region as the number one responsible tourism destination in the country. 


To be recognized as a company of excellence in the Portuguese and international markets, by actively managing its environmental impact and contributing to the economical and social development of local communities. Bago D'Uva 360º commits to having sustainable growth, which transmits security to employees and partners, ensuring a healthy profitability of the business.