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4050-296 Porto – Portugal 

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Avenida da Republica 1926, SL Dto Frente


Who are we?

The team at Bago d’Uva 360º Portugal Tours has travelled all over Portugal and knows the country very well, from Porto, Douro and Minho, to Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve. The founders are both Portuguese and love Portugal and believe Responsible Travel is the way forward, so they decided to found the company to show in a responsible way the best of the Portuguese culture in the form of its wine, food, architecture and local people.

Who are We?


Bago D’Uva 360º is based in Avenida da República in Gaia (Porto), the most vibrant avenue of the city, with a direct connection to the center of Porto by Metro (D. João II Station - 3 minutes walking). There is always at least one person back at the office if you want to pop in and say hi, but most of us are out and about, leading amazing groups in the beautiful land that is Portugal!

What brings us together is a love for this country, but also a necessity to always impress and do more than expected. Finally, we believe that it’s possible to develop tourism in a responsible way, that benefits all parts involved.

Bago D'Uva 360º Portugal Tours guides stay with you at all times during the tour, helping with all that you may need along the way and pointing to the most amazing fact of Portugal's culture, be it the wine, food, architecture or local people.

Beatriz Rodrigues - Tour Guide & Operations Assistant

Born in Brazil, Beatriz let her Portuguese blood speak louder and decided to live on this side of the Atlantic. She has lived in three countries, but she is convinced that there is only one place she can call home.

Graduated in Psychology, she later studied Tourism as a hobby and ended up discovering a new career where she can do what many want: work with what she loves.

An incurable travel addicted, completely in love with Portugal, you will hardly find her at the office, because she will be around showing the world the wonders of this - also her – land. Talk to her.


Jorge Ferro - Tour Guide

Born in Leça da Palmeira (Porto), Jorge began to travel to other places while still young, especially to Switzerland, where he lived and worked in hotels, ski resorts and managed a property.

As an educated Geographer, he dedicates much of his time to the knowledge of cultural, traditional and natural aspects of Portugal, as well as to one of his greatest passions: to perpetuate the traditional Portuguese hospitality, always around a table and a good glass of wine.

Do not ask him to spend the day between four walls, since what he likes is to go from one place to another to show and share the best and most genuine of what we have to offer. Talk to him.


Catia Aires - Tourism & Administrative Technician

Cátia studied media and specialized in tourism management. Her career has always been connected to people as she, for example, taught Portuguese culture classes in a foreign country and worked in customer service in a tourism main stop.

She lived in France and Iceland and travelled around Europe before deciding to come back to Portugal. She has also worked as a volunteer in different projects, but always connected to people.

She acts behind the scenes, responding to your requests. providing support to the guides on the ground and keeping the operation rolling smoothly. Talk to her.

The Bago D'Uva Portugal Tours guides have been all over the country, from the Douro to Lisbon and Alentejo. They know where the fantastic culture of food and wine is and how to treat the local population and tourists right.

Yara Pereira - Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Yara was introduced to the world of wine at a young age, since her mother has been working with Port Wine for a long time. Currently, at an individual level, she is connected to several wine related projects. As a Winemaker, she has worked in different countries to better understand the wine industry.

When she returned to Porto, her hometown, she felt that it was important to broaden the horizons of visitors and to involve them in what is the great and rich wine and gastronomic heritage of Portugal. As a Very proud Portuguese, she hopes to be able to customize each person's trip so that they can enjoy a unique experience. Talk to her.

The Bago D'Uva 360º Portugal Tours team loves Portugal and want to show the country in very well put together tours, either small group tours or tailor made tours. The important part is having a sustainable experience that benefits both the tourist and the local population.

Antonio Rocha - Co-Owner & General Manager

Antonio studied management and specialized in tourism & hospitality. His whole career has been connected to tourism, by working at hotels, travel agencies and managing restaurants.

Before settling back in Portugal he lived in four different countries including the UK, where he worked at Responsible Travel, one of the pioneers and greatest advocates of responsible tourism in the world.

He spends most of his time coordinating the business and putting out fabulous tailor-made itineraries, but you can also find him out with groups, showing off his beloved country. Talk to him.